Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Weapons Guide: Best Raid Weapons, How to Get

Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Weapons guide to help you uncover all Wrath of the Machine weapons to use in the game.

Similar to earlier raids, there are numerous Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Weapons that you can find. These weapons not only have unique perks and high light levels but are highly effective for completing Wrath of the Machine on Hard Mode.

The best way to find Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Weapons is from checkpoints, chests, and boss encounters. In Wrath of the Machine, there are a total of ten new weapons which are outlined in the guide.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Weapons Guide

In our Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Weapons guide, we have detailed all the weapons that you can find in Wrath of the Machine.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Weapons

Steel Medulla
Type: Pulse Rifle

This full-auto Pulse Rifle can dish out a serious amount of damage. One of the best things, however, about Steel Medulla is its Sign of Four perk. This perk basically increases the damage output of the fourth burst by ‘x’ percent if it lands on the same target as the previous bursts.

Fever and Remedy
Type: Hand Cannon

This weapon can rack up a significant amount of damage in very less time, thanks to its perk called Reactive Reload. What this perk actually does is that it grants wielder with percentage bonus damage following a successful kill and reload. When combined with appropriate perk, this Hand Cannon can be devastating.

Genesis Chain
Type: Auto Rifle

This weapon comes with two unique perks called Focused Fire and Focused Firefly. Focused Fire basically grants wielder with additional damage during ADS, but at the cost of decreased rate of fire. Focused Firefly, on the other hand, causes the targets to explode.

Ex Machina
Type: Sniper Rifle

This is a pretty standard Sniper Rifle but has a couple of useful and interesting perks called Wait for It and Spray and Play. These perks basically allow the wielder to benefit from increased reload speed on an empty magazine as well as a larger clip size.

Zeal Vector
Type: Sidearm

This weapon has exactly the same perks as Ex Machina, but is a Sidearm.

If Materia
Type: Machine Gun

This weapon comes with Triple Tap and Triple Double unique perks, but lacks in when it comes to precision.

Sound and Fury
Type: Rocket Launcher

Sound and Fury has exactly the same perks as Ex Machina which are Spray and Play and Wait for It. While it greatly benefits from these empty magazine perks, you are better off with Year-3 Gjallarhorn in my opinion.

Chaos Dogma
Type: Scout Rifle

This weapon has Triple Tap and Triple Double perks which allow the wielder to get one round to the clip from landing precision hits – just like If Materia. However, since it is a Scout Rifle, it benefits greatly from these perks, unlike the Machine Gun.

Type: Shotgun

This is arguably one of the best Shotguns in Rise of Iron, thanks to its unique perks called Battle Runner and Running Interference. Battle Runner basically provides the wielder with additional movement speed following a kill and Running Interference grants additional armor for the duration of the first perk.

Ether Nova
Type: Fusion Rifle

When it comes to unique perks, Ether Nova boasts Army of One and Two for One. Army of One essentially reduces the Melee and Grenade cooldown after each successive unassisted kill and Two for One further reduces that cooldown.

This is all we have on Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Weapons Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!