Destiny: Rise of Iron Guide – Farm Omnigul to Hit the Level Cap and Take on Wrath of the Machine

Destiny: Rise of Iron comes with a new raid called Wrath of the Machine. While it only took a couple of hours for a team to beat it, if you’ve yet to take on it, this article might help you out.

Wrath of the Machine requires Light Level of something between 360-370 – the higher, the better. I’m sure most of you have already hit the Level Cap, but in case you just picked up the expansion or haven’t invested in hours, I’m going to share the fastest way to increase your Light Level in Rise of Iron.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

Before you begin, you need to have some friends to help you out, a Hunter with the Tether ability, and powerful weapons. Once you have everything in order, you basically need to farm Omnigul from Will of Crota strike.

To begin, start the Will of Crota with recommended Light Level 320. Continue through the strike as normal, but make sure to charge your Super Abilities. Once you see Omnigul, have the Hunter with the Tether to aim it at the bottom of the column – to the left-hand-side of Omnigul.

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This should allow you to lock the boss in the area and restrict her ability to head inside the final boss room. As soon as you land the Tether, go all in with your Super Abilities, Gjallarhorn, and everything at your disposal – the idea is to kill Omnigul before she heads inside the final boss room.

The reason a fireteam is recommended is to revive if someone falls. If done correctly, you should be able to pick up blues which are of higher Light Level than what you already have equipped. Once done, recharge your Super Abilities and make sure to die. This should allow you to respawn and farm Omnigul as much as you want.

Remember that if you somehow fail to stop Omnigul, don’t enter the final boss room and simply die.

This should prepare you for Rise of Iron raid – Wrath of the Machine. If there is anything else you would like, let us know in the comments section below!