Watch Dogs 2 Skill System Detailed By Ubisoft Montreal

Since Ubisoft Montreal’s newest game Watch Dogs 2 is going to be coming out in November, Ubisoft Montreal has decided to explain a number of concepts about the game, including the Watch Dogs 2 skill system, which is dependent on the followers you have through DedSec, which can help you do more things.

Watch Dogs 2’s story is a bit of a departure from the first Watch Dogs. Rather than being a revenge story dealing with the death of a family member, Marcus Holloway and his group of young hackers are attempting to bring justice to the streets of San Francisco by using their hacking skills to affect social change.

In order to do this sort of social change, Marcus will need to brush up on his hacking skills. At the game’s E3 presentation we saw him doing all sorts of things like tazing guards and other enemies, melee combat, drone piloting, and regular hacking, but it’s likely that we’ll be able to do a lot of other stuff as we upgrade our hacking capabilities in the game.

The Watch Dogs 2 skill system is dependent on you using research points to research and unlock skills, which are dependent on gathering followers. However, you can also get them through exploration. According to Ubisoft Montreal, this is a way to get players to go out and explore the Bay Area in order to get more points and see the sights.

Getting all of these skills will allow players to be able to unlock everything in the Watch Dogs 2 skills system, allowing them to go anywhere and everywhere that they want to go while being able to do everything that they want as they hack their way through the game’s main story. Watch Dogs 2 will be coming out on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on November 15.