New Titanfall 2 Coliseum Mode Lets Players Go Head To Head In 1v1 Matches

As the release for Titanfall 2 is getting closer, EA is gearing up its marketing efforts to hype up the gamers. EA has revealed a new Titanfall 2 Coliseum mode, whcih lets players go head to head in 1v1 matches.

The Titanfall 2 Coliseum mode was revealed in the latest Pilots trailer for the game. However, we only get a brief look at the mode, we see two robot like characters fighting against each other in what seems to be like a sumo wrestling ring.

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The objective of this mode is to defeat enemy player in a best of three competition. The winner of the round will get Advocate Gifts, which are rare Camos, Callsigns, and more.

To enter Titanfall 2 Coliseum mode players will require tickets, which can only be be obtained by purchasing specially marked Mountain Dew drinks or Doritos or through Buffalo Wild Wings promotions, which will contain codes for to enter the Coliseum mode.

The codes that will be acquired through these products will only grant one ticket for Titanfall 2 Coliseum mode. These codes will also grant double XP, and a chance to get a Titan customization item such as warpaint and camo, or even access to the Ronin Titan.

Also Respawn Entertainment has revealed the system requirements for Titanfall 2, and by the looks of it the game seems well optimized. Titanfall 2 requires Core i3 3600t as a minimum requirement and Core i5-6600 as a recommended requirement.

Attrition mode was the most popular game mode in Titanfall, however, Respawn Entertainment has not yet revealed that it would be returning to the Titanfall 2. But it seems that the developer has confirmed it unintentionally.

Titanfall 2 is a first person shooter in development at Respawn Entertainment, and will release on October 28, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.