New Final Fantasy XV Image Reveals New Info About Shiva And Luna

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise will finally get their hands on Final Fantasy XV this coming November, if it is not delayed again. As the release for the game is getting closer the hype for the game is increasing, probably due to the excellent marketing from Square Enix. Now some new information about the game has made its way on the internet.

The new details about Final Fantasy XV comes from this week’s issue of Weekly Jump, whose scans were posted Twitter user Kazu. First of all we see Shiva, who is describes as “The Queen of Freezing Ice” and the scans reveal her attack “Diamond Dust”. Diamond Dust causes many of Shiva’s images to appear as she unleashes that full power of her freezing energy.

Furthermore the scans reveal the moment when Noctis finally catches up with Luna, who’s safety was not known due to the attack of of the empire on the royal capital. However, we don’t know yet that at what point in the game this meeting will take place.

Final Fantasy XV

While Final Fantasy XV is shaping to be a stunning game, the map for the game also seems very huge and full of content. According to game director Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy XV map is very hard to compare to other games as it will take over 100 of hours to complete side quests along with the main missions. The scale of the game is indeed large but it is not simple to compare with others.

Recently, he also revealed that Final Fantasy XV will tell the story of Noctis over the span of ten years. According to Tabata, the whole point of change in Noctis appearance is that players would feel that time has passed and these are living and breathing characters.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to launch on November 29, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.