Tips to Get Destiny: Rise of Iron High Light Artifacts

Well, Destiny: Rise of Iron high light artifacts are very hard to find. It is a problem because Wrath of the Machine is going live any minute now.

But take it easy, there is nothing to worry about because we have found a way to get high-level light artifacts courtesy of YouTuber Arekkz.

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There are three different tips to get 360+ artifact in Destiny: Rise of Iron. We’ll discuss them in order of the most unreliable to reliable.

Destiny: Rise of Iron High Light Artifacts

Decoding High-Level Engram

Gather as many engrams as possible from 365+ light activities. There is a slight chance that decoding engrams will result in an artifact. However, the chances are slim and it is rare that this would happen. Moreover, even you do manage to get an artifact there is no guarantee that it would be a 365+ item.

In Eris Morn we Trust

When you rank her up her package can include the artifacts you need and they can be above 365, some items touching 385. She often provides artifacts but you will need to increase your Crota’s Bane reputation in The Taken King.

Strike Hoard Chests

This is a little difficult but by far the most reliable way to get high-level artifacts. Each time you are being held back by an artifact, using Skeleton keys to open Strike Hoard chests will result in a guaranteed high-level artifact.

You need to save your keys for when your artifact is the lowest light item you have.

Make sure you check out the video above for more details.