Destiny: Rise of Iron Site 6 Guide – How to Enter Site 6 to Get Iron Medallions and Year-3 Gjallarhorn

Destiny: Rise of Iron Site 6 guide to help you access the area which is required to find all Iron Medallions and Year-3 Gjallarhorn.

Site 6 in Rise of the Iron is a location which is visited during the course of Main Quests in the expansion, but can be hard to locate. Moreover, since you need to visit the area to find all Iron Medallions and Year-3 Gjallarhorn, it is better to know your way.

Reaching Site 6 in Destiny: Rise of Iron requires you to traverse a few tunnels and confusing routes which is why we wrote this neat, little guide to help you out.

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Rise of Iron Site 6 Location Guide

Our Rise of Iron guide outlines the easiest route to reach Site 6 in the Destiny expansion.

Rise of Iron Site 6 Location

Step #1 – The Plaguelands Patrol
The first thing that you need to do is to patrol The Plaguelands on Earth and find yourself at Lord’s Watch. From there, head right to arrive at Giant’s Husk and continue right.

Keep on going straight ahead and head left from the cliff – across the ship. Cross the Doomed Sea and arrive in the Archon’s Keep.

Step #2 – Archon’s Forge
After arriving in the new area, stick to the left-hand-side and continue to follow the path as it warps towards right-hand-side to arrive in Archon’s Forge. This is a Public Event space and if you see a dome nearby, know that you are in the right area.

Step #3 – The Warrens
While you are in Archon’s Forge, make sure to stick to the left-hand-side wall and come across a gap in it. If you head a little closer, you should note that you are able to climb into the gap and get to another new area called The Warrens.

Step #4 – Site 6
As soon as you arrive in The Warrens, drop down from the ledge right in front of your Guardian, head left, and inside a tunnel. Once you are inside the tunnel, a miniature entrance should take to you Rise of Iron Site 6.

This is all you need to know about entering Rise of Iron Site 6. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!