Backwards Compatible Call of Duty 3 Added To Xbox One

A backwards compatible Call of Duty 3 game has become available on the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility service, adding another Call of Duty game to the service along with other games like Call of Duty Black Ops and some of the original Call of Duty games. The announcement came on the official Xbox Twitter.

Call of Duty 3 isn’t as well-remembered as other games like Call of Duty 2, Black Ops, Modern Warfare, and others, the game still got a fairly good score on Metacritic (82 out of 100).

Call of Duty 3 focuses around the efforts of the Allies to break out of the Normandy beachhead after June 6 in 1944, when Europe was finally invaded by the Allies after being under Nazi control for four years.

In the backwards compatible Call of Duty 3 game, players will take control of multiple soldiers from multiple armies, including the United States, Britain, Poland, Canada, and even a French Resistance fighter, all linked together to a single campaign.

Call of Duty 3 was actually the second Call of Duty game developed by Treyarch, which made its first Call of Duty game (Call of Duty 2: Big Red One) in 2005.

The game also had a variety of other DLC that gave it a number of different multiplayer maps, though this was before Call of Duty became a main part of the competitive first-person shooter scene.

In order to access the backwards compatible Call of Duty 3 version, all you have to do to access it is to either put in your old 360 copy of the game to your Xbox One, or buy it off of the backwards compatibility section of the Xbox One store.

And, if you’re in a Call of Duty mood (and you’re just waiting for Modern Warfare Remastered or Infinite Warfare) you can even pick up some of the other Call of Duty games that are on the backwards compatibility service too.