Destiny: Rise of Iron Skeleton Keys Farming Guide – Where to Find and Farm

With more content being made available to the players, Destiny is also improving the ways players are able to gather the specific loot. Rise of Iron Skeleton keys are one way to do so.

Rise of Iron Skeleton Keys have been introduced for the first time in the game to make the loot more relevant. This guide is aimed at letting you know the purpose of Skeleton Keys and how to farm them.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron Skeleton Keys

So how do Rise of Iron Skeleton keys make the loot more relevant and less RNG? Well, these keys can be used to open loot specific chests at the end strikes. These loot specific chests will earn you specific rewards and you will be able to get exactly what you are looking for in lesser time.

However, the process might have become relatively easier, it will still require plenty of work to achieve the desired results.

How to Farm Destiny: Rise of Iron Skeleton Keys

The good part is that you can have Strike specific loot through these keys. The not so good news? You will have to work hard to earn these keys. And of the time being you can only earn them through completing Strikes. Yes, complete Strikes to get Strike specific loot.

For now, I don’t think that completing multiple Strikes in a row will affect the drop rate of these keys but if you want to have multiple keys, it will be good that you join a Strike Playlist and keep on completing them until your inventory allows you to. By that time, you must have gathered sufficient keys to get the Strike Specific loot.

Naturally, once you complete the story quest-line, you will get a mission Shiro (consisting on multiple tasks) that will also include a couple of Strikes. These Strikes, like other Strikes will also net you a Skeleton key so that’s also a method you can use to get the Skeleton keys.

That’s pretty much it for Skeleton keys. Like I said before, these keys might have made the loot more relevant but you still need a lot of grinding to get them and unlock the chests after that.