Destiny: Rise of Iron Radiant Treasure Guide – How it Works, Where to Find

Destiny: Rise of Iron Radiant Treasure guide to help you get all the Ornaments in the expansion and customize your gear.

Like Sterling Treasure which came way back in Year-2 April Update, Radiant Treasure is the newest addition to the game. Radiant Treasure in Destiny: Rise of Iron is essentially a Mystery Bag that provides players with a range of goodies.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron Radiant Treasure Guide

Our Destiny: Rise of Iron Radiant Treasure Guide details everything you need to know about Radiant Treasure in the newly released expansion.

Understanding Rise of Iron Radiant Treasure

Radiant Treasure in Rise of Iron is the way of acquiring Ornaments in the expansion which are required to customize your gear. Apart from that, these bags also provide you with Silver Dust – the expansion’s new currency – Days of Iron Ornament.

Days of Iron Ornament is required in order to customize the appearance of the new Days of Iron armor. Silver Dust, on the other hand, is required to purchase items from the Eververse Trading Company and Xur, Agent of the Nine.

How to Get Rise of Iron Radiant Treasure

The first way of acquiring Radiant Treasure is by the SIVA Crisis Strike Playlist. Upon the completion of a Strike, you should be able to get x1 Radiant Treasure. If you are not comfortable with the slow, grinding method; you can always purchase some using the real-world money.

A Radiant Treasure can be acquired for 200 Silver Dust. Since you can get 500 Silver Dust for $5 USD, you can get x5 Radiant Treasure for $10 USD.

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