Playstation’s DriveClub VR Has Release Date, Price To Buy

Since the Playstation VR is coming closer and closer to release, a new game called DriveClub VR has been announced as part of the headset’s lineup, and has been given both a release date and a price for players to buy it when it does come out. DriveClub will be available for 39.99 on October 13 in Europe and North America.

Another game called Driveclub had previously been released on the Playstation 4 back in 2014, and now a similarly-titled game is making the jump to Playstation VR. Considering that the other Driveclub sold well (moving over a million copies), despite its middling reception (where it was criticized for its online play and bad AI, and lack of game variety), hopefully the VR game won’t have the Playstation 4 game’s problems.

However, DriveClub VR will likely have the first game’s reputation for a stellar driving experience, especially when a game like this seems to be perfect for VR. With its movement controls, one on each hand, it’s likely that DriveClub will be able to simulate driving an actual race car fairly realistically.

Players for DriveClub VR will be able to also visit a variety of different locations across the world, ranging from Canada’s Fraser Valley to Lake Shoji in Japan. The game will also include a “Cruise Control” mode where you can just sit back and enjoy the sights, and a “Passenger’s Seat” mode, where you can sit in the passenger’s seat of your car as you relive the best laps you’ve done.

Adding to Fraser Valley and Lake Shoji, there are 114 tracks that you can drive through in 80 different cars, so hopefully when DriveClub VR comes out it’ll be one of the best games on the Playstation VR, especially since it seems to be a larger game than some of the others that are coming out on the Playstation VR.