Nintendo NX Rumors Say Some Indie Devs Have Seen Console

A number of new Nintendo NX rumors have shown us that apparently some indie developers have seen Nintendo’s upcoming console. The news came from a tweet from Stephen Dinehart, who’s worked on a variety of different games from multiple different companies. Dinehart said that Nintendo had asked him to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The fact that Dinehart also put “#NintendoNX” at the end of his tweet just adds to the Nintendo NX rumors, so Nintendo may be putting it out to some of the more well-known independent developers in order to generate hype or at least show them how the console will feel to play.

Since he signed a non-disclosure agreement Dinehart obviously can’t say anything about the console (not unless he wants to be sued, anyway) but it still shows us that the NX is still being developed despite Nintendo still being fairly mum about it, barring a few leaked patents and a number of other announcements given in interviews.

Nintendo inviting indie devs to see the console lends credence to the possibility that the NX might be officially revealed soon, especially since Nintendo has implied that the console will be coming out sometime early next year. Since there’s only a few months until 2017 starts, they’re running out of time.

Whatever the Nintendo NX rumors end up saying, hopefully the presence of indie devs trying out the console show us that Nintendo is going to be doing a lot of indie support, much like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One with Microsoft and Sony’s various programs for them.

If they do indeed start supporting indie games, Nintendo fans can likely expect games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokemon to come out alongside indie games of varying quality (or maybe even well-received ones like Enter the Gungeon and more.)