Mafia 3 Trailer Shows How To Make Money And Why You Shouldn’t Carry in Wallet

Mafia 3 is just 2 weeks away from its launch, and fans of the series are excited to finally get there hands on the game. As the release for the game is getting closer developer Hangar 13 has been revealing new details about the game, and this time the developers has released a new video detailing how to make money in Mafia 3.

According to executive producer, Andy Wilson, Lincoln can earn money in Mafia 3 in a variety of ways, either by taking out individual gangsters or by controlling the entire crime ecosystem of the districts. The later one will give you more money.

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There are criminal rackets in every district of the city, if players take them down they will get tip-offs on high value targets. When you interrogate these targets they will give you the location of money stored by another racket.

However, making money in Mafia 3 might not be easy, but keeping it is also not a piece of cake. The money the Lincoln will get will be stored in his wallet, however, if players die than there money will be lost. In order to save your cash, there is a service in the game that will be offered by one of the under bosses.

Using this service Lincoln calls a driver who comes and picks up the cash and it is safely stored and will not be lost if he dies.

While the game is getting close to its release, Hangar 13 has released the system requirements for Mafia 3, and in a time of high specs demanding games, Mafia 3 seems reasonable.

The game requires 2nd gen Core i5 as a minimum while it requires 3rd gen Core i7 as a recommended requirement.

Mafia 3 is scheduled to launch on October 7, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.