Iceland Football League Declines To Be A Part of FIFA 17

The official Iceland football league has declined to be a part of FIFA 17, leaving them out of a game that has contracted a good number of other professional football clubs to work with them on the game. FIFA 17 will be coming out next week, on September 27, on Xbox and Playstation consoles.

The reason that the Iceland football league declined to be a part of the game, which includes a number of other soccer clubs in addition to the clubs that have been partnered with EA, comes from the reason that the country has apparently been badly treated by EA in the past.

Other clubs and leagues that were contracted by EA to be partners in the game include clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United, Juventus, La Liga, and more. The game’s reach extends not just to Europe and America but also all the way over to Asia, specifically Japan.

According to Geir Thorsteinsson, EA offered the Iceland football league around two million Icelandic crowns (13,400 pounds in British pounds) in order to appear in the game, but refused a counter-offer from Iceland, and so negotiations broke down from there, and ended with no one satisfied and a no deal.

Considering how well Iceland did at the European Championships, finishing in eighth place, it’s something of a loss for EA, especially considering that the team’s solid performance in the tournament likely won them a number of fans.

While they’ve missed out on having their teams in FIFA 17, the Iceland football league still has another chance to be in the FIFA games in the future, maybe when FIFA 18 comes around, especially if EA decides to try again and give the league a better deal. Hopefully Iceland will get into the game next year, and hopefully EA will be able to give them a deal that makes them think it’s worth it.