Destiny: Rise of Iron Splicer Keys Farming Guide – How to Find, Quick Farming Tips

If you have been playing Destiny: Rise of Iron then you might have come across something called Rise of Iron Splicer Keys. Splicer keys is a type of consumable introduced for the first time in the game.

Before we get to the part of farming them, you should know why Splicer Keys are needed in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

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Need of Splicer Keys in Destiny: Rise of Iron

As mentioned before, Destiny: Rise of Iron Splicer Keys are a type of consumable that can be used at different computer terminals for different purpose like in some quests, unlocking laser grids and remove SIVA blockades.

Rise of Iron Splicer keys are also used to get access to certain secret areas and unlock the loot chests. So yes, Splicer keys are quite valuable and you are definitely going to need them specially if you want to complete the quests to get the Gjallarhorn exotic.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Splicer Keys Farming

Although Splicer Keys are required for multiple things in Rise of Iron, you can only carry 10 keys at a time with you. However, you can use your vault to stack them up so you don’t fall short of keys when you actually need them.

The easiest way to farm them is to complete the story-line quests until you are able to unlock Plaguelands Patrol Area. There are a couple of ways here through which you can farm the Splicer keys. First, you should enter the Patrol area and go to Lord’s Watch. Here, you should be looking for a Hive Wizard called brood mother.

Brood mothers are the best source to get the Splicer keys. The drop rate is quite high and if you are able to kill them on regular basis, you should be able to get around 30 splicer keys in an hour.

If the Brood mother is not there in Lord’s watch, do not worry as these creatures are also spread across the Patrol area so you can roam around a bit to spot more of them. You can reset the spawn of the Brood mother at same position after visiting the orbit can coming back to the patrol area again.

The Rinse and repeat strategy!

However, if more people are farming at the same spot, you may want to look for more brood mothers as one place might just slow you down.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is officially released and yesterday we spent quite a bit of time diving deep into the new missions, quests, and social area that the expansion has to offer.