Amazon Customers Are Not Recieving Destiny Rise Of Iron Pre-Order Bonuses

Destiny’s final piece of DLC, Rise Of Iron, has been released, and while many players found issues trying to play it, there is another issue which involves the pre-order bonus for Destiny Rise Of Iron.

The Iron Gjallahorn and Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow were both pre-order bonuses for Destiny: Rise Of Iron which were not exclusive to any retailer or platform. Before the release of the expansion, Bungie released a trailer detailing the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow, so that players would pre-order it and find it at the postmaster.

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However, it seems that a large number of players have not got there pre-order bonus, and specifically those who purchased the DLC through Amazon. Furthermore, Amazon customer service is not being too clear about why is it happening.

In the thread, many other users commented that they too have not yet received their pre-order bonus, and many are saying that upon reaching Amazon customer service they were told, it was a GameStop exclusive for US customers.

However, those who purchased through a different retailer have got their pre-order bonuses. This has also caught the attention of Bungie, and they have assured players that they are working on it.

In another Reddit thread, a user was told that Amazon is currently working with Bungie to resolve this issue. But conflicting messages are flying around from Amazon, and it seems that the Amazon customer service reps are confused themselves.

Things are not looking good in UK either, as a Redditor nightskiesdark was told that “the offer was only for the U.S Customers and not U.K” which contradicts the statement that it was a Gamestop exclusive.

Have you pre-ordered the Destiny Rise Of Iron and not received the Iron Gjallarwing? Let us know in the comments!