Destiny: Rise of Iron Medallions Locations ‘Beauty of Destruction Quest Guide

With Destiny: Rise of Iron, Bungie has really stepped up its game when it comes to the story component of the game. The story quest-line is quite interesting and recommended for everyone who owns the expansion.

In Destiny: Rise of Iron, as part of Echoes of the Past quest-line, you will need to complete Beauty of Destruction side quest which will ultimately net you the Iron Gjallarhorn. In order to complete the quest, you will need to acquire 7 Iron Medallions which are basically the remnants of the Iron Lords.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron Medallion Locations

To make things a bit easier, Bungie has placed a detection system for these Medallions. You only need to be in the close vicinity of these Medallions and they will pop-up on your radar and marked by your Ghost.

You don’t really need the exact location of these medallions as your Ghost will find them for you once you are in range. All you will have to do after that is go to the marked position and collect them.

Keep in mind that while you can find these Medallions any time you want but if your Beauty of Destruction quest is not active, you won’t be able to collect them. With these things, clear, let’s find some Medallions.

#1 Archon’s Keep Iron Medallion
Once you are at the entrance of Archon’s Forge, you need to walk along the outer boundary of the building. After walking for sometime, you will come across some rubble near an entrance. You will be able to find the Archon’s Keep Medallion on top of it.

#2 Site 6 Iron Medallion
Just below the Archon’s Forge, you will enter in a room full of pipes and generators. Your Medallion is in this room. You can spot it in a corner near those pipes.

#3 Lord’s Watch Iron Medallion
Once you spawn at Lord’s Watch, you should look for a box like room with a window on your right side. The Iron Medallion is inside this small hut.

#4 Giant’s Husk Iron Medallion
Once you are in Gaint’s Husk, you will be able to locate some cranes with some cargo (boxes) lying around. You need to explore this area and you will find the Iron Medallion among those boxes.

#5 Felwinter Peak Iron Medallion
Once you are at Felwinter Peak, just before the jumping maze in the starting area, you will be able to find this Iron Medallion on the top of one of the rocks.

#6 Forgotten Pass Iron Medallion
Yes, it’s the same area you visit in Wretched Eye strike. Your Iron Medallion is in the starting area so explore a little and your ghost will mark it for you on the far side of the bridge.

#7 Bunker Triglav Iron Medallion
After the Wretched Eye strike, you need to explore the left side of the area to locate a building with an entrance. The Iron Medallion is sitting inside a small in this hangar.