Destiny: Rise of Iron ‘Iron Lord Artifacts Guide – How to Get, Effects

Destiny: Rise of Iron ‘Iron Lord Artifacts guide to help you understand what Iron Lord Artifacts are how to find them.

Artifacts were first introduced in Destiny: The Taken King and are also available in Destiny: Rise of Iron. However, you can no longer find them by completing activities.

Destiny: Rise of Iron ‘Iron Lord Artifacts in Rise of Iron expansion are acquired from a vendor named Tyra Karn, the Cryptarch of the Felwinter Peak.

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Destiny Iron Lord Artifacts Guide – How to Get

Tyra Karn has x3 random Iron Lord Artifacts in her possession which you can get by exchanging the Iron Lord Legacy. However, do note that the Iron Lord Legacy is capped at one per week and is acquired by completing activates in The Plaguelands.

With that being said, it goes without saying that you can acquire all Iron Lord Artifacts in the expansion, but no more than one per week. There are a total of 8 Iron Lord Artifacts in Destiny: Rise of Iron and are nothing like your regular gear.

Getting the First Iron Lord Artifact

After completing all the Story Quests, speak with Tyra Karn to get Champion of the Light which requires you to kill 1,000 enemies in The Plaguelands. Once done, take the Iron Lord Legacy to Karn and exchange it for one of the Iron Lord Artifacts.

A couple of other things to note about Destiny Iron Lord Artifacts is that you can only equip one at any given time and all of them are set to Light Level 350.

Iron Lord Artifacts and Effects

Memory of Felwinter
No Super ability, an additional Grenade and Melee charge, minor stat boost, and Orbs recharge Grenade and Melee meters.

Memory of Gheleon
Better radar which even works even when ADS with Primary Weapons.

Memory of Jolder
No sprint cooldown at all.

Memory of Perun
Enemies with red glow have less HP and enemies with yellow glow have Supers.

Memory of Radegast
Grans the ability to deflect energy-based projectiles with a sword and increased sword ammo capacity.

Memory of Silimar
Gain better resistance against Damage over Time attacks.

Memory of Skorri
Your fully-charged Super allows ally’s Super to charge at a faster rate.

Memory of Timur
Grants a chance of defecting enemies to your side with a Melee attack.

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