Destiny: Rise of Iron Gjallarhorn Guide – How to Find Year-3 Gjallarhorn

By   /   Sep 22, 2016
Rise of Iron Gjallarhorn

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gjallarhorn guide to help you get the new Year-3 Gjallarhorn in the newly released expansion.

However, unlike before, there is a lengthy process involved in acquisition of Rise of Iron Gjallarhorn. Gone are the days when you could simply get the item from Xur, Agent of the Nine or as a boss drop.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron Gjallarhorn Guide

In our Destiny: Rise of Iron Gjallarhorn guide, we have detailed everything you need in order to get your hands on Year-3 Gjallarhorn in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Year-3 Gjallarhorn

Receive the Echoes of the Past
The first thing that you need to do is to access the Iron Temple social space and speak with everyone which should provide you with the Echoes of the Past. Once this is done, you need to complete the Expansion Campaign to begin.

Scan Site 6
For the next step, you need a Splicer Key. Once you have it, head over to Archon’s Keep and use Ghost Scan Patrol in order to gain access to Site 6. Once there, use the key to access a section with Spliced Devil Walker.

Approach the Devil Walker and scan the area directly behind it before returning the Iron Temple. Once you are back at the Iron Temple, simply speak with Lord Saladin and Tyra Karn to know what you need to do next!

Finding Iron Medallions
By now, you should be asked to find Iron Medallions scattered around the in-game world. You can check out our Iron Medallions Locations guide attached above for everything you need to know.

After you have found the Iron Medallions, return to the Iron Temple again and speak with Kyra to learn the next step.

The Boss Battle
For this step, you need to head over to the Bannerfall map on Earth. Once there, scan the pieces/archives and hold off the enemies while Ghost defuses a bomb. With that out of the way, you should be asked to kill an Ultra Fallen.

Once you are done, return to the Iron Temple and talk to Kyra once more.

Finding Dormant SIVA Clusters
Your next step is finding Dormant SIVA Clusters scattered all around the in-game world. You can read out our Rise of Iron Dormant SIVA Clusters Locations guide attached above for everything you need to know about finding all x30 clusters.

After you are done, return to Lord Saladin in the Iron Temple.

Complete Beauty in Delivery
Speaking with Lord Saladin should prompt you to complete the Beauty in Delivery mission on Earth. This mission basically revolves around holding off against Fallen while Ghost repairs the Year-3 Gjallarhorn.

After it is repaired, use it to get rid of Spliced Devil Walkers and speak with Lord Saladin in the Iron Temple to complete the questline.

How to Get 320 Defense Iron Gjallarhorn

In order to find 320 Iron Gjallarhorn – unlike the one with 3D that comes with pre-order – receive the Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher from Lord Saladin and buy a Rocket Launcher from the Gunsmith.

Once done, equip the Iron Gjallarhorn completely level it up using Motes of Light, but do not upgrade it. You simply need to dismantle it and receive 2 Exotic Shards.

After you are done, head to The Tower and purchase the 320 Defense Iron Gjallarhorn from the Exotic Weapons Kiosk for x1 Exotic Shard and 2,500 Gllimmer. This should leave you with an additional Exotic Shard – do whatever you please with it.

This is all we have on Destiny: Rise of Iron Gjallarhorn Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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