The Roman Empire Is Civilization 6’s Newest Civilization

The Roman Empire is once again a civilization in Civilization 6, and is the most recent civilization to be revealed alongside other well-known civilizations like France, England, the United States, Germany, and the Kongo. Unlike the Civilization 5 version of the civilization, who were led by Augustus Caesar, this Rome is led by the Emperor Trajan.

Rome is normally thought of as the cradle of European civilization, creating one of the largest empires in the world through superior armies, training, and logistics in addition to introducing democracy to the wider world. While it was eventually broken down under ceaseless barbarian attacks and political infighting, its works can still be seen across Europe today, and its heart, the city of Rome, is known as “The Eternal City.”

The Roman Empire’s leader, Trajan, is known historically as one of the “Five Good Emperors”, a string of Emperors that were chosen by their predecessors to inherit their thrones through merit, rather than dynastic ties. Trajan greatly expanded Rome’s territory, implemented a number of public works projects, and implemented social welfare policies. Various structures in Rome, such as Trajan’s Column, are named for him.

In Civilization 6, the Roman Empire focuses both on trade and military expansion. Its special ability allows every city to start with a trading post, and if it’s in range of a trade route, the cities automatically get roads to them, saving your builders time and effort.

The Empire’s special soldier unit, the Legion, also replaces the generic Swordsman unit and can also build forts and roads, mirroring how they were used in peacetime in the real Empire.

Rome’s specialty building is the Baths, a replacement for the aqueduct (ironically invented by the Romans) that provides amenities and more housing. Trajan’s own special leader ability also gives freshly-built cities one free building upon being built.

Civilization 6 will be coming out on October 21, and you’ll be able to use Rome, along with a number of other civilizations, to try and spread your empire across the world.