The Division Character Balancing Will Be Priority in Update 1.4

Tom Clancy’s The Division has fallen kind of by the wayside as more games have come out lately, but Ubisoft Montreal is still going strong. According to the company, The Division character balancing is going to be the team’s priority in the next major update 1.4 for the game.

The reason behind the character balancing is to address the power difference between specialized and unspecialized builds. While this doesn’t mean that The Division character balancing will get rid of the utility of builds like that entirely, it will address the power difference between them, and add more decisions and hard choices when doing so.

Character builds that are best at a certain job is one of the immovable facts about massive multiplayer games, whether you’re in Destiny and deciding to make your character most effective against a certain race of enemies, or in World of Warcraft making sure that you can both take and dish out punishment, or in Diablo where you spec yourself to be able to automatically heal yourself faster than enemies can hurt you.

In addition to The Division character balancing, update 1.4 will be getting a number of other adjustments, not just to gear but also to other mechanics in the game. For instance, the Scavenging mechanic, which dictates the quality of loot that you can find, is going away after multiple attempts at reworking the system.

The Division’s 1.4 update is still in progress of being worked on so we don’t really have an official release date for when it’ll be announced, but in the meantime The Division players (those that are left, at least) will have plenty of time to try and do everything they can in the game, and figure out how they’ll adjust to the new mechanics.

If you want to read the entirety of Ubisoft Montreal’s statement on the update, you can just follow this link.