The Return to Attrition Mode for Titanfall 2 Strongly Hinted by Respawn

Attrition was the most popular mode for Titanfall and its return in Titanfall 2 is pretty much a given. But Respawn didn’t discuss anything related to Attrition so far.

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However, during a recent interview Respawn hinted the return of Attrition, pretty much confirming it in the process. PlayStationLifestyle attending TGS and asked the developer about the popular game mode. There was an instant smirk in their faces before they shared the following comment.

Interesting question. I would answer this way: The tech test was a very small subset of the game. We’re fans of playing (the original) Titanfall and all of its game modes, and just think people will have to wait to see what we provide next. Is that enough of a hint? But we’re all ears. I know the right people. I know the right guy. I know a guy and I think he’s listening.

Respawn Entertainment is releasing Titanfall 2 next month so we should hear more about its features in the coming weeks. The game is releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 27.

On a related note, Respawn recently released a video showing many of the games customization options. Loadouts and combinations asides, players are able to put different paint effects on their Titans and Pilots. Some paint effect may also allow you to disrupt enemy’s visual feed which will allow you get close.

Head over here to see the video.

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