Game Director Responds To Requests To Include Minimap In Overwatch

Almost every game now a days includes a mini-map, specialy in the case on online games. While Overwatch is an online only multiplayer game, the game lacks a minimap. Since the game’s launch many gamers have asked Blizzard Entertainment to add a minimap to Overwatch.

Minimaps are generally very helpful in terms of giving players a quick idea of their surroundings and situation. Many players have asked Blizzard to add one to help the new players learn the maps. But Blizzard does not think that it would be helpful at all.

According to Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard Entertainment will not include a minimap to Overwatch because, as players want it to be added to learn the map but in reality this is not going to work.

Our reasoning for not adding a minimap is that players claim they want this to solve navigation issues but more often than not, minimaps in FPS with small maps like OW do not actually help you learn the map much quicker than just playing it a few times.

He further added that, with the passing of time players will want more and more features to be added for the minimap, and at some point it will defeat the purpose of its inclusion to the game.

What tends to happen is players demand more and more information on the minimap (enemies in particular). What was originally intended to “help newer players” actually becomes a very high skill player tool (ask a MOBA or COD player how important the minimap is to competitive play).

It is clear that Blizzard has no plans to bring minimap to the game, but Kaplan did said that a minimap might be included for the observers.

Overwatch is a first person multiplayer shooter for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.