Nintendo Network Maintenance Will Be Coming Soon

Nintendo has just posted a notice that Nintendo Network maintenance will be starting soon on all of its various consoles, including the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo DS. While services are continuing normally for now, Nintendo will be shutting the network down soon for a period of extended maintenance.

This period of Nintendo Network maintenance will apparently last longer than maintenance on it normally does, lasting for eight whole hours. The maintenance period will start at 6 o’clock PM today to 2 o’clock AM tomorrow, from September 20 to September 21, all of this being on Pacific Time. So depending on where you are, you’ll either be able to play games on the Nintendo Network until you go to sleep and wake up the next morning like nothing happened, or you’ll be dealing with it on September 21, such as if you live across the International Date Line.

According to the message that alerted Nintendo Network users to the system maintenance, the maintenance update will be focusing on Online Play and multiplayer rankings, though the message doesn’t really say what games will be affected, though it will likely just be any Nintendo game that has a multiplayer component (Hyrule Warriors, Codename STEAM, and more.)

While players that normally only play single-player games won’t be affected by the Nintendo Network maintenance, if you decide to switch games to play multiplayer for some reason (like if you want to play Super Smash Bros) you’ll likely have to postpone those plans for the night. On the upside, once the maintenance is done it’ll be in the wee hours of the morning when any sane person will be in bed, so when you wake up tomorrow you can play to your heart’s content.

In the meantime if you want to get some multiplayer gameplay in before the maintenance starts, you should probably get playing.