NBA 2K17 Guide: How to Fill Doin’ Work Meter Quickly

NBA 2K17 Guide to help you fill up the doin’ work meter in the game’s MyCareer Mode and enhance attributes.

One of the coolest additions in NBA 2K17 is the story elements in the game’s MyCareer Mode. With this, you get to attend events, hit the gym, and complete other activities.

Inside the gym, you can work out with your fellow teammates and enhance your attributes and earn a variety of rewards. To do so, you basically need to fill up your Doin’ Work meter which is what this guide is all about.

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NBA 2K17 Guide – Fill Up the Doin’ Work Meter Quickly

In this NBA 2K17 Guide, we discuss everything there is to know about filling up the Doin’ Work meter to earn rewards and enhance attributes.

How to Fill Doin’ Work Meter Quickly

The first thing that you need to do is to gain access to NBA 2K17 gym. Once you have done that, head inside the gym and towards the Vertical Jump area located on the back-right side of the area.

The exercise basically requires you to hold the left analogue stick down after the whistle and flick it upwards as soon as you see that your character has the knees to the ground.

This simple exercise should fill up your NBA 2K17 Doin’ Work meter rather significantly. However, do note that you need to do this a couple of times in order to fill up the meter completely.

Continue to do so a couple of times and you should be able to fill it up rather quickly. There is a chance that the method will get patched up real soon, but it is not as of now.

This is all we have on NBA 2K17 Guide to fill the Doin’ Work meter fast. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!