Battlefront Death Star DLC Now Available for Season Pass Holders

The new Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC is now available for the game’s season pass holders, who can now download the pack for free several days before everyone else (the DLC will become available for every other player on October 4, next week). Death Star will add a brand new mode and some new maps for Star Wars fans to play.

The Battlefront Death Star DLC includes, to start off with, the Battle Station mode, a three-part mode that will take you both inside and out of the Death Star as you open the way to the Death Star for Rebel ships, then extract R2-D2, then destroy the Death Star. Helping you in this mode will be a number of new (and old) heroes: Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are available to use in the space battle segments, while Bossk and Chewbacca are available in the droid extraction portion of the mode.

The DLC will finally be bringing space battles back to Battlefront, though it’s not like how it used to be: in the Battle Station mode, players will be playing Rebel and Imperial fighter craft attempting to take down or defend a Star Destroyer, and fighting just above the surface of the Death Star and even doing the trench run.

In addition to the Battlefront Death Star DLC, players can also look forward to another piece of commemorative DLC in the form of a Scarif map pack, which will take place on the planet Scarif, which the Death Star is being built on in the upcoming film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

With all of the DLC that’s been coming out lately, hopefully Battlefront is slowly but surely getting a good reputation among its players as a worthy successor to the original Battlefront games, and hopefully will eventually be successful enough to have a bigger and better sequel.