Call of Duty Survey: Treyarch is the Most Popular Dev, 70% of Players Prefer Boots of the Ground

Treyarch is the most popular COD developer, according to a new Call of Duty survey. Treyarch is the developer behind Call of Duty: Black Ops games. Black Ops games are among some of the top selling games of all time.

Another interesting aspect of the survey revealed that 70% of players (3381 responses received) prefer boots of the ground action. Now this is very interesting because Treyarch only developed one game that had the traditional movements system. Still, it is the most popular COD developer, of course, due to many other reasons.

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Majority of the players would prefer to have a game set in modern time rather than the future. However, Activision keeps pushing the franchise deeper into the future.

As expected, the most loved Call of Duty game and one that most Call of Duty players started with is Modern Warfare. The same one which is getting remastered version bundled with Infinite Warfare.

Zombies mode is a major of part the Call of Duty experience now and this survey shows that Black Ops zombie mode is the most favorite. However, players would prefer each developer to work on its own unique third game mode.

Fans would also not mind the return of forced game chat in modes like search and destroy.

Hopefully, Activision and developers working on the Call of Duty games will take notes from this survey, because there will always be COD games so why not make them better.

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Source: Reddit