Bandai-Namco Still Undecided About Tekken 7 PS4 Pro Support

Bandai-Namco, the owners of the Tekken franchise, are apparently undecided about Tekken 7 PS4 Pro support, so there’s no guarantee if Tekken fans will be able to play the upcoming fighting game on Playstation’s newest console when it comes out early next year. The Playstation 4 Pro was announced two weeks ago at the Playstation Meeting in New York.

Tekken 7 will already have been updated multiple times by the time it comes out next year for consoles. While previously limited to Japan, Tekken 7 has also been limited exclusively to various arcades, and we’ve only gotten news of a PC console release in the past several months, earlier in the first half of this year.

We don’t even really have a concrete release date still, so we can hardly expect Bandai-Namco to be settled on whether they want to put in Tekken 7 PS4 Pro support or not. While the Pro could be very good for the game, a lowing better graphics, a higher framerate, and more processing power, Bandai-Namco may not be willing to put more work into the game to put it out on a fairly specialized console.

While many other video game publishers have expressed their support for the better options that the Playstation 4 Pro can offer their games, Bandai-Namco is still undecided. The company may want to simply avoid making a decision until they’re sure that they can make a satisfactory Tekken experience in 4K, which is what the Playstation 4 Pro (and its direct competitor the Xbox One Scorpio) will run their games in.

Tekken 7, subtitled “Fated Retribution”, will be coming out sometime early next year for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

With the Playstation 4 and Xbox One both releasing new consoles in the coming months, we may be seeing Tekken in 4K on both, so another reason Bandai-Namco has yet to say if they’ll have support for PS4 Pro may just be to make sure that neither of their two chosen platforms will be left out.