Runescape Auctions Will Be Used To Punish Banned Players

In any MMO there’s always the risk of various hackers and cheaters getting banned for one offense or another. For the free MMORPG Runescape, however, getting banned will now take on a much more financial-oriented risk, especially if you’re a high ranking player. According to developer Jagex, Runescape auctions will begin to be used in order to sell the inventories of banned accounts.

The release of Runescape auctions was announced at the Runescape convention RuneFest over the weekend. Called “Bank Bidders”, inventories of banned players stored in the game’s bank (which prevents you from losing items upon the death of your character) will be auctioned off for the highest bidder.

Players won’t even know what they’ll be bidding for, so it’ll be something like the TV show “Storage Wars”, where delinquent clients of various Californian storage facilities will have the contents of their storage lockers sold off.

Players will only be told a small bit of information on what they’ll be bidding for, such as what their former owners liked to do, their skill levels, and how old they are. Depending on what they get, players could either waste a lot of money, or win big.

It could also help jump-start the economy of the game. If a player gets good gear for cheap, they could then sell it through the game’s auction house and manage to make a profit from it, or just use the good gear within the banned accounts to get their own players better armor or weapons or other forms of gear.

The Bank Bidders system will be starting in November, and from there the various Runescape auctions of banned players’ accounts will begin. If you’re a RuneScape player, now may be a good time to get some more gold up, if you’re planning on participating.