Six Rise of Iron Exotic Weapons Revealed By Bungie, May Be More

Since Destiny’s newest expansion Rise of Iron comes out tomorrow, it’s only fitting that Bungie start revealing the new Rise of Iron exotic weapons that players will be able to hunt for and obtain as they once again get back into humanity’s lost past. So far only six new ones have been revealed, but there may be more coming.

A few of the Exotic weapons shown off for the game have already been revealed, such as the exotic variant of the Khvostov (the assault rifle that everyone first picks up in Destiny), which can be either a scout rifle, a pulse rifle, or an assault rifle. There’s also the Nemesis Star, a heavy machine gun that becomes more accurate the longer it’s fired, but also starts to slow down its firing rate.

Other weapons that have been revealed include a possible new exotic sword, called the “Young Wolf’s Howl”. So, if you’re wanting another sword to complement the one you got from beating Oryx, you’ll be able to grab it in the expansion.

Other Rise of Iron exotic weapons will be returning favorites, such as Thorn (which was heavily used in the Crucible due to its ability to inflict damage over time) and Gjallarhorn (the rocket launcher that caused the community to go nuts two weeks before The Taken King came out when Xur was selling it), which got nerfed and did not get a Year 2 version but will have a Year 3 version in addition to a special Iron Lord variant for Guardians that pre-ordered the expansion.

A new exotic sidearm, called the Trespasser, has also become available for Guardians before the expansion has released, which allows players to fire off bursts of bullets with deadly accuracy.

There will likely be more new Rise of Iron exotic weapons coming to the surface when Rise of Iron comes out, but in the meantime, good hunting, Guardians.