Someone Is Developing An Overwatch Dating Sim Called Loverwatch

Ever since Overwatch launched the game’s community has always wanted to do something with the game characters except for fighting, and that is dating. Well this dream of gamers have come true with Loverwatch, which is essentially an Overwatch dating Sim.

However, Loverwatch is not the only Overwatch dating sim out there but it is the biggest of them all. The game is the brainchild of Lucy Morris, a game designer who’s worked on projects with companies like Ubisoft, as well as her own independent ventures.

Speaking with Kotaku, Morris and writer Damon Reece talked about the ups and downs while developing the game. When asked about how the idea of the game came to be, Morris revealed that it started near the end of Overwatch open beta.

Originally there was this game jam called ‘I Love You Jam’ run by [occasional Kotaku columnist] Amanda Cosmos on Twitter. And it happened to be in the period between the Overwatch beta ending and the month-long wait for Overwatch to come out. So I was kind of sitting there, twitching my thumbs, like “what am I supposed to do?” in this month before the game comes out.

She further added that the idea of the Overwatch dating sim came to be when the visual novel “I Love You Jam” came out.

But because this visual novel dating sim jam came out, I was like, “OK, we may as well just make an Overwatch dating sim.” Because a lot of people caught on to the fact that that should be a thing. And I just recruited a ton of people. Damon was one of the writers that joined the fever dream.

She also revealed that the game takes place before the events of the Overwatch, or in her words ” before everything goes to shit”.

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