New Street Fighter 5 Update Adds Urien, Daily Targets

A new Street Fighter 5 update has come out, adding another character to the roster as well as daily targets, the ability to fight a computer-controlled fighter, fighter profiles, and Environmental Stage KOs. The new Street Fighter character in question is Urien, who had so far only been in the game’s story mode.

Urien was previously available as a fighter in two other Street Fighter games: Street Fighter 3: Second Impact, and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. However, he wasn’t in Street Fighter 5 as a playable character on account of being a planned DLC fighter.

While players do get one match with him (where Urien fights Charlie Nash during the story mode) he was only available in-game via a mod on the game’s PC version.

This makes Urien the latest DLC character to come out for Street Fighter 5, as he’s released alongside Juri, Balrog, Alex, Guile, and Ibuki.

Also included in the new Street Fighter 5 update is the addition of a number of different mechanics that you can use to earn fight money. These include daily targets (where you do a certain thing in order to earn up to 1000 fight money), use Environmental Stage KOs to take out your opponents with elements on the fighting areas, and the ability to fight computer-controlled players.

Thankfully, all of these other avenues of making Fight Money will only make it easier for Street Fighter 5 players to buy characters and stages without having to spend a real-world dime, though players that are more impatient can also make use of the “zenny” currency, which can be bought using microtransactions.

You should be able to get Urien and add him to your roster right now for 100,000 Fight Money, or 5.99 if you want to pay in Zenny and don’t have that much fight money on you, or just don’t want to invest the time it would take to get 100,000 fight money to pay without having to spend your own money.