New Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Showcases Character Customization And More

Pokemon Sun And Moon is almost two months away from launch, and The Pokemon Company is busy revealing new details about the game. This time The Pokemon Company has revealed a trailer for the game detailing various features that will be present in the game, like character customization and more.

Pokemon Sun And Moon trailer details that players will be able to dress up their character in different outfits and change their hair styles through various stores present in the open world.

The trailer further details that players will have to take of the cleanliness of their Pokemon and will be able to clean them up when they get dirty. Also players will be able to pet their Pokemon and the Pokemon will feel good and will love you more.

The trailer also showcases that players will be able to give their Pokemon a heart shaped treat to eat, which they will eat and trust you even more. All of this loving and feeding will also make the Pokemon go asleep in their Pokeball.

Also the players can help their Pokemon in battle by helping them with powerful attacks, like shown in the trailer players will be able to throw Pikachu in the air who will then strike like a ball of lightning on its opponent.

Recently, Pokemon Sun And Moon leaked images made their way on the internet which showcase the day and night evolutions of Rockruff, new Ultra Beasts.

According to the images, Rockruff evolves into a “Lugarugan” and it has two different forms. One form is the day evolution, when this Pokemon is bathed in rays of the sun and is described as “hot as day”. Its second form is Night form, when it evolves after being full of the night’s power, and is described as “cool as night”.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is scheduled to launch on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS.