Halo Wars 2 Will Encourage New Players to Join RTS on Xbox One and Windows 10

The Executive Producer of Halo Wars 2 David Nicholson recently spoke with Game Reactor and explained how the game will encourage new players to join RTS.

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RTS is not easy to get into but Halo Wars 2 will do its best to make it easier. Developers heard community feedback and made many changes/improvements to its controls.

We’ve looked at some of the controls. We’ve tried to make the controls a little bit more intuitive, we’ve tried to respond to the reactions and the feedback that we’ve had. We’ve also looked at the population caps, the number of units that you can bring out into the field; we’re still in the midst of development now, so things are progressing and changing all the time.

But really, we’ve listened to all of the feedback, we’ve taken a lot of it on board. There’s a lot of things that we’re not yet saying about the game, that people haven’t seen. Which again, there will be fantastic, really exciting surprises for people to see new ways to engage with an RTS on both the console and on Windows 10. So yeah, the player feedback has been absolutely fantastic.

Halo Wars 2 is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10. Players will be able to try out the game in early 2017 in Halo Wars 2 beta.

A final release date for the game is yet to be announced but we should hear something around the time we get the beta.

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Source: Gamereactor (via – generacionxbox)