Gears of War Movie May Be A Possibility In The Future

Windows Central editor-in-chief Daniel Rubino sat down for an interview with The Coalition head Rod Fergusson to talk about the game’s Horde mode, which will be releasing with the game later next month. However, the very last question he asked in the interview brought up the possibility of a Gears of War movie.

Gears of War has been a fairly cinematic experience to begin with; a number of different sequences in all four games are cinematic material, not to mention how the game’s cutscenes and trailers are cut to resembling war movies.

Their fast-paced action, small moments of character building, and constant sense of urgency could all do fairly well in making a Gears of War movie a fairly interesting prospect.

Considering that we came in at the relative end of the Locust War that dominated the first four games of the series, a Gears movie’s plot could be relatively simple, even if whatever studio might make it just wants to make a re-tread of the games, as it could take place either at the beginning of the Locust War (which has only been covered in one book of the Gears of War expanded universe, called “Coalition’s End”) or back during the Pendulum Wars, the conflict immediately preceding the Locust attacks.

While Fergusson didn’t necessarily confirm the existence or possibility of a Gears movie in the future, his “non-answer” (as Rubino termed it) did at least say that we may be seeing something in the future.

Whether it’s an actual movie or some kind of short film, it would at least give the video game industry the opportunity to have another video game movie come out, especially if it’s a well-made one that actually gets a good response.

Gears of War 4 will be coming out on the Xbox One and Windows PC on October 11.