Destiny Rise Of Iron Update is Live, Light Level Increased To 385, New Rewards, Quests And More

Destiny Rise Of Iron has been released and the developer has dropped a new Destiny Rise Of Iron update. The update not only unlocks the Destiny Rise of Iron expansion and brings new content, but also some changes to many aspects of the game.

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Destiny Rise Of Iron update increases the Max light to 385, and brings new Vanguard and Crucible Bounties. Also Year 2 Moments of Triumph will end at 10:00am PDT on 9/20/16 and it cannot be further progressed.


  • Rise of Iron campaign unlocked
  • Requires Destiny: Rise of Iron and minimum Character Level 40
  • Max Light increased to 385
  • New Vanguard & Crucible Bounties are now available
  • Year 2 Moments of Triumph will end at 10:00am PDT on 9/20/16 and cannot be progressed

Also Destiny Rise Of Iron Update introduces new activities to Daily Heroics along with new playlists.


  • Daily Heroics
    • Will now include selections from Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3
    • Increase Light to 350
  • Vanguard Strike Playlists
    • Vanguard Playlist is now called The Taken War Strike Playlist but is otherwise unchanged
    • The SIVA Crisis Playlist consists of Taken King and Rise of Iron Strikes at 320 Light
    • The Taken War Heroic Strike Playlist is available for players who have not purchased Rise of Iron and is accessible in the Vanguard Strike Playlist page
    • No longer rewards Vanguard Marks
    • The SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist is now available to players who have purchased Rise of Iron
    • This Playlist replaces te Taken War Heroic Playlist in the Vanguard Strike Playlist
    • This Playlist is also the Weekly Heroic Strike featured Playlist
    • Recommended 350 Light
  • Nightfall
    • Requires Rise of Iron
    • Recommended 360 Light


  • Activities
    • Normal Strikes will now grant rewards up to 340 Light
    • Heroic Strikes will now grant rewards up to 365 Light
    • Strike-specific Skeleton Keys now drop in the Nightfall Strike and the SIVA Crisis Heroic and Taken War Strike Playlists
    • Skeleton Keys allow you to open Strike Hoards to guarantee a Strike-unique reward
    • Strike unique rewards will now drop up to 385 Light
    • Nightfall will now reward the player with Ghosts less often so other rewards will drop more often
    • Players can receive one free Radiant Treasure per account through their first Heroic Strike Playlist completion per week
    • Variks will now grant Weapons and Armor for Challenge of the Elders scorecard completions up to 365 Light

The Destiny Rise Of Iron update also deals with the issues with Engrams. Now rare and legendary engrams will give you rewards higher than your current light rating. The rare engrams can now decode up to 340 Light and the legendary engrams can up to 365 Light.


  • Fixed an issue where, after enough kills were accumulated, players would never see Uncommon item drops again
    • This resulted in players being starved of weapon and armor materials
    • Uncommon drops will be in addition to, not in place of, Rare and Legendary drops
  • Rare and Legendary Engrams will now attempt to give you rewards equal to or higher than your current Light
  • Rare Engrams can now decode up to 340 Light
  • Legendary Engrams can now decode up to 365 Light
    • Legendary Engram Light value will slow from their fast progress at 350, up to 365
    • Within that range, Engrams will grant the player something with higher Light about half the time
  • Exotic Engrams can now decode up to 385 Light

Destiny Rise of Iron update also make changes to the loot drops from the faction packages. The packages will now drop items up to 385 light also the Queenn’s wrath faction will now drop Queen’s Guard armor and Chasing Infinity. Also the Destiny Rise of Iron update removes the SUROS TSR-10 Rocket Launcher along with Häkke Test-A Shotgun.

Faction Packages

  • Faction Packages now drop items up to 385 Light
  • Fixed an issue where vanity items (Ships, Sparrows, Shaders) were dropping less frequently than intended
  • Queen’s Wrath faction packages now contain Queen’s Guard armor and Chasing Infinity
  • Previews have been added for the Queen’s Wrath and Crota’s Bane Factions
  • House of Judgment Faction Packages now grant a Weapon each time
    • House of Judgment Class Items now drop in addition to Weapons rather than in place of
  • Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, Future War Cult, Vanguard, and Crucible Packages now allow the player to choose one of three options: Weapons, Armor, or Chroma Armor
    • New Faction Ghosts and Sparrows have been added to these Packages
    • They can be found in all three Package selections (Weapons, Armor, and Chroma Armor)
    • TTK Armor and Weapons have been removed from the Faction Packages and are replaced with new ROI Weapons and Armor
    • The following Weapons will remain in their respective Faction Packages (Crucible and Vanguard):
    • Shadow Price
    • Badger CCL
    • Lord High Fixer
    • Grim Citizen III
    • The Saterienne Rapier
    • The Devil You Know
    • The Swarm
    • Zombie Apocalypse WF47
    • LDR 5001
    • Y-09 Longbow Synthesis
    • Two to the Morgue
    • The Comedian
  • Armsday/Gunsmith
    • Removed the SUROS TSR-10 Rocket Launcher Test Weapon that required Crucible kills
    • Removed the Häkke Test-A Shotgun Test weapon that required Crucible kills
  • Vendors
    • Vendor items purchased for Legendary Marks have been increased to 350 Light
    • Xur’s exotics for sale have been increased to 350 Light
    • Xur now sells two Exotic Weapon Ornaments per week for Silver Dust
    • Xur can now carry Legacy Boot Engrams
  • Items
    • Year 1 Class Items are now available as new Rise of Iron Legendary Class Items. This does not include Year 1 Raid Class items. The new Class Items are found in the following locations:
    • Strike Hoards
    • Crucible End of Match Rewards
    • Legendary Engrams
    • Iron Banner
    • Trials of Osiris
    • Faction Packages
    • Rise of Iron Vendors
    • 22 Exotic Weapon Ornaments have been added
    • Applying an Exotic Weapon Ornament has a cost of the Exotic Weapon Ornament and 1 Silver Dust
    • Players who have obtained Laurels can apply them to their corresponding Armor set to unlock Armor Ornaments
    • Armor Ornaments cost 1-2 Laurels plus 5 Silver Dust to apply
    • Trials of Osiris Laurels can be obtained from Trials Flawless Chests, 1 per character per week
    • Raid Laurels can be obtained from the Heroic Raid challenge modes, 1 per character per week
    • Iron Lord Laurels can be obtained from Radiant Treasures. Additionally, players will obtain one Iron Lord Laurel from the Rise of Iron Record Book
    • Record Books now appear in their own section on the character progress UI screen
  • Eververse
    • Silver Dust is now available
    • Obtained from Radiant Treasures and by sharding Exotic Weapon Ornaments
    • Used to purchase unique Eververse items, purchase Chroma from Eva Levante, purchase Iron Engrams from Lord Saladin, and apply Ornaments to Armor and Weapons
    • New Emotes have been added to the Eververse Store
    • April Update Emotes have been removed from the store and added to the new “Spring 2016 Emotes” bag
    • Radiant Treasures can now be purchased from the Eververse store
    • Radiant Treasures contain Exotic Weapon Ornaments and Vanity Items
    • Reputation Boosters are now available for direct purchase on the store

The crucible private matches will now include the Rise Of Iron maps, and Destiny Rise Of Iron update also makes the Supremacy, Clash, Control, Rift, Skirmish, Rumble core Playlists. Elimination will be available every day until Trials Of Osiris returns, and the rewards system have also been changed with Destiny Rise of Iron update.


  • Private Matches
    • Rise of Iron Maps and Modes are now available (Requires Destiny: Rise of Iron)
  • Playlists
    • Supremacy, Clash, Control, Rift, Skirmish, Rumble are now core Playlists
    • Elimination will be available every day of the week until Trials of Osiris returns on 9/30
    • Rise of Iron Crucible Maps Floating Gardens, Last Exit, Skyline, Icarus (PS Exclusive) added to core playlists with strong weightings to feature them (these will normalize over the course of a few weeks)
    • The Taken King Crucible maps added to Classic playlists (These are now free for anyone who owns the base game)
    • Rotating featured playlists updated to include Rumble Supremacy, Inferno Supremacy, Salvage, and Combined Arms
  • Rewards
    • Core playlists now reward a new collection of Crucible Legendary Weapons:
    • Hex Caster ARC
    • 77 Wizard
    • Ill Will
    • Unending Deluge III
    • Hopscotch Pilgrim
    • Steel Oracle Z-11
    • Cryptic Dragon
    • Matador 64
    • 20/20 AMR7
    • Classic playlists now reward the Year 2 collection of Crucible Legendary Weapons
    • Red Spectre
    • Eyasluna
    • In Times of Need
    • Split Shifter Pro
    • The Revelator
    • The Ash Factory
    • Party Crasher +1
    • Spare Change.25
    • NL Shadow 701X
    • Crucible Class Items added to the Crucible Legendary loot pool
    • Crucible Legendary drop rates slightly increased
  • Quests and Bounties
    • New Supremacy Quest is available from Lord Shaxx
    • New Supremacy Bounties are now available when Supremacy is the daily featured playlist
    • Shaxx Weekly Bounty design has changed and now features a single multi-objective Bounty for a specific featured 6v6 mode
    • Daily Crucible Bounty availability updated for Rise of Iron

Destiny is a first person online shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, Destiny Rise Of Iron will only be available for current gen consoles.