Destiny: Rise of Iron Dead Ghosts Locations Guide

Destiny: Rise of Iron Dead Ghosts Locations Guide to help you find all the Dead Ghosts in the newly released expansion and earn a small amount of Grimoire.

Destiny: Rise of Iron not only brings us new missions, locations, raid, but also Dead Ghosts collectibles to find in each Crucible map.

Collecting these Dead Ghosts will get to a small amount of Grimoire score. Rise of Iron features a total of 125 points across all maps.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Dead Ghosts Locations

Our Destiny Rise of Iron Dead Ghosts Locations Guide details the locations of all Dead Ghosts in the recently released Rise of Iron expansion:

The Anomaly Ghost
Location: From C zone near a massive carrier truck/Jeep head towards the end of the skybox and look for an orange crate and you will find the Anomaly Ghost tucked behind it.

Asylum Dead Ghost
Location: You spawn solo at the end of the map, look for a blue billboard at the end of the corridor. The ghost is hidden in the long grass at the base of the billboard.

Bannerfall Ghost
Location: You must find an elevated walkway running from C zone. You will notice rooms on the opposite side of the room. The first room hides the ghost within.

Bastion Ghost
Location: Head from B to C and reach area with two destroyed tanks out in the open. You will see Bastion a tree and s stone structure, The Ghost is embedded between two rocks in the ground.

Black Shield Ghost
Location: Near an outside building on Black Shield you will notice piles of warheads. Find the doorway that leads to the main exterior of the map and look for a little corridor where the Ghost is hidden in the corner.

Blind Watch Ghost
Location: At one side of the map there are cylinder platforms and piping. You will also notice large windows, look for the Ghost nearby on the ground.

The Burning Shrine
Location: Ledges popping out of the sand are easily spotted and the Ghost is at the base of the outermost ledge. It is outside of the play area so you must be quick while grabbing it.

Cathedral of Dusk
Location: Look for a shrine near the B zone and once you are there, find a Special Ammo crate and you will see the Ghost on in the rubble next to it.

The Cauldron Ghost
Location: Head to the central room of the map via the right-most door at the outer edge of the map. The door takes you to the center of the map. Enter the room and look for a tunnel in the floor. The Ghost is right next to it.

Crossroads Ghost
Location: There is big tree at B Zone. Run past it with your back towards the deep open crack. You find a teleport portal and at the base of its left corner you will find the Ghost.

The Drifter Ghost
Location: Head to the outer section of the map where you find a suspended drop eye. There is curved walkway next to a small set of stairs, the Ghost is hidden at the base of the stairs.

The Dungeons Ghost
Location: Start solo and run anti-clockwise from A Zone around the map. Stick to the right wall until you reach a special ammo crate. The Ghost is nearby where the large cable enters the floor.

Exodus Blue Ghost
Location: At the outside section of the map you will find some burnt vehicles. Next to them is a small room with no door, the ghost is inside.

Firebase Delphi Ghost
Location: There is dome that houses a capture point at the outside area of the map. Enter opposite doorway and up the ramp on the right. Turn right to find a dead end and some gear boxes. The Ghost is next to them.

First Light Ghost
Location: Find a series of building at the center of the map near two capture points. You will see some crates near the large dome The Ghost is hidden next to the crates.

Frontier Ghost
Location: Find the Heavy Ammo crate close to A Zone. You will see a rocky wall hosting a bush at the base. The Ghost hidden inside the bush.

Memento Ghost
Location: Go down the central lane you will find a rusted red van. Enter the building next to it and you will find the Ghost inside.

Pantheon Ghost
Location: It is best to start at B and run past A Zone while keeping at the right edge of the of map. You will find a set of stairs at the far end of the map. The Ghost is down the stairs.

Rusted Lands Ghost
Location: Near the B Zone you will find a special ammo crate and a section with exposed bricks and metal supports. Climb on top of the structure and jump down to the outside of the map. You will find the ghost tucked against the wall.

Sector 618 Ghost
Location: This map is PS4 exclusive. There an isolated platform near the two bridges at the center of the map. Leap on the platforms to reach the platform with a small metal structure to find the Ghost.

Shores of Time Ghost
Location: There is a tunnel near the B Zone that you need to enter. Once you enter the tunnel and exit through the other end you will find a crate. The Ghost is next to it.

Skyshock Ghost
Location: Find a broken plane near the ocean part of the map and you will see the Ghost next to the tail end of the plane. Look for a bush.

Thieves’ Den Ghost
Location: Head to A Zone to find a broken down Walker and locate a pile of gold nearby. The Ghost is in the pile of Gold.

The Timekeeper Ghost
Location: There is a pool of water at the outside part of the map. There is a tall structure you need to climb on to find the Ghost.

Twilight Gap Ghost
Location: In the middle of the map there is a single room with a crate sitting inside. You will find the Ghost at the right side of the crate.

Vertigo Ghost
Location: Find the illuminated path at the center of the map. You will find portal there from where you need to turn right. Enter the next area by going down the stairs and you will find the Ghost in the right corner next to the stairs.

Widow’s Court Ghost
Location: There is a control point near in the middle of some walls at higher end of the map. There is walker just above it. Look for the remains of destroyed building pass through outskirts of it. You will find the Ghost on the upper ledge.

This is all we have on Destiny: Rise of Iron Dead Ghosts Locations Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!