Destiny: The Collection is Now Available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Destiny: The Collection is now available to players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The collection comes with all of the previously released expansions as well as the base game.

  • Expansion I: The Dark Below
  • Expansion II: House of Wolves
  • The Taken King
  • Rise of Iron
  • Level 40 Character Boost

Destiny – The Collection contains every release from the award-winning first-person shooter franchise to date. It’s a great way for Guardians to embark on journeys they may have missed, as well as a perfect starting point for new players who want to join the Destiny community.

The Collection is available now but many won’t be able to experience the latest expansion for the time being. Rise of Iron is currently having issues with its servers as they are being hammered by players trying to login. According to Bungie, it is looking into it and will soon fix the problem.

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Moreover, Destiny: The Collection will also be playable on PS4 Pro. However, Bungie has confirmed that there won’t be any special treatment for the game on PS4 Pro.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will not be enhanced for PS4 Pro.

This means that no 4K or HDR for Destiny: Rise of Iron on PS4 Pro. The game will run at the standard resolution and frame rate across all platforms.

Bungie confirmed that they are done with Rise of Iron so there is no way to add these feature for the time being. However, that does not mean that they won’t consider patching 4K and HDR in once the game is out.