YouTuber Charged With Promoting FIFA Gambling to Minors

YouTubers promoting gambling is nothing new but only recently authorities have started taking action. There is a widespread crackdown on CS:GO betting websites and channels that promote it. It all started when Tmartn and ProSyndicate were caught red handed promoting their betting website without disclosure.

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This opened a Pandora’s Box and various YouTubers were accused of the similar tactics. Soon after, Valve took notice and decided to take action. The company recently issued a cease and desist order to major CS:GO Betting websites.

These folks tried there best to avoid legal charges but were sued over promoting gambling to minors which is a criminal offense.

You assume that YouTubers would avoid such behaviour but that is not the case. Another set of popular YouTubers is being charged with promoting FIFA gambling to minors.

This is the very first time such a case is going to court in the UK. The YouTubers in question are Craig Douglas and Dylan Rigby from Essex. The two were summoned by Birmingham Magistrates’ Court and the proceedings will continue on October 14.

The Gambling Commission has been looking into Video Game Gambling. It is warning parents to be aware of their child’s online activities. According to an estimate, the global video game gambling market is worth £4bn.

We’ll let you know as soon as the story further develops.

Source: BBC