PlayStation 5 and Next Xbox Will be Modular: MarsLit Games

According to Andrea Farid Marsili, Programmer and CEO of Marslit Games, PlayStation 5 and the Next Xbox console will be modular. He mentioned that PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio like mid-gen upgrades aren’t the future.

I don’t think that this is going to be the future. In my opinion PS5 and the next Xbox will have some modularity like interchangeable CPU/GPU. I don’t think that the current consoles are weak. The real problem is that people always want more and they want it now, they can’t and don’t want to wait. This is why we see 10GB patches on day one

Sony has already confirmed that there would be more PlayStation systems. We assumed that consoles would now come with mid-gen upgrades. The idea of modular consoles makes much more sense compared to mid-gen upgrades, it would reduce development costs and allows players to upgrades just a part of their machine without having to spend money on a newers model.

The idea behind mid-gen upgrades is stopping players from moving to PC. According to Andrew House, players move to PC mid-gen in search of a better graphical experience. Hence, PS4 Pro!

However, it would be much better to have a modular machine so we won’t have to pay for components we already own. Just upgrading a GPU and CPU is a much better option.

What do you think of modular consoles in the future? Better than mid-gen hardware upgrades? Take to the comment and let us know.

Source: Gamingbolt