Sony CEO: PlayStation 4 Pro Is Targeted Towards “Knowledgeable” Consumers

Earlier this month Sony revealed the much rumored and anticipated console, PlayStation 4 Pro, at PlayStation Meeting. While the console is very powerful and is capable of HDR and 4K, but there is still some confusion regarding which type of consumer the console is being targeted to.

To clear the confusion Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President and Global CEO Andrew House clarified that PlayStation 4 Pro is being targeted towards a very specific consumer base. Speaking with Digital Spy, House revealed the reason for developing PS4 Pro is that 4K and HDR are natural for games.

I think that the industry probably needs to take more time not just in explaining the benefits, but showing what those benefits are. One of the reasons we elected to pursue PS4 Pro is that 4K and HDR in particular are a natural for games – it’s very easy for most people to be able to see a demonstrable difference between those two technologies.

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He further added that PlayStation 4 Pro is being targeted towards knowledgeable and committed consumers.

That being said – you phrased the question around the “average user” – we did call it PlayStation 4 Pro … so I think it’s inherent in the name – I’m not being facetious, honestly! We are targeting this towards someone who is probably pretty knowledgeable and committed in the kind of entertainment they want.

While Sony is marketing the console as 4K capable but most of the games are going to be upscaled to 4K. When Andrew House was asked PS4 Pro’s 4K promise is misleading, House responded “No, I don’t think so”.

He further added that the question is about if the players see any noticeable difference in the experience aside from what we said or not.

PlayStation 4 Pro is scheduled to drop on November 10, 2016 and will be priced at $399.