Persona 5 Trophies Are Here, Spoiler Alert!

Persona 5 Trophies are revealed and it looks like there are plenty for us to earn. The game is now available in Japan but won’t be released worldwide until February, 2017.

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Persona 5 Trophies list comes with a hand full spoilers, you have been warned!

  • Thief of Legend – Platinum
    Obtain all the trophies
  • Phantom Thief Team Formed – Bronze
    Form the Phantom Thieves
  • Ruthless Enforcer – Bronze
    Fuse Personas 50 times
  • Execution Leading to Rebirth – Bronze
    Carry out a guillotine sentence
  • Ardent Listener – Silver
    Listen to 250 of Futaba’s navigation lines
  • The Ultimate Blow – Bronze
    Deal 999 damage in a single attack
  • No Holds Barred – Bronze
    Perform 50 All Out Attacks
  • Reliable Insight – Bronze
    Hit an enemies weakness 100 times
  • A Phantom Thief’s Duty – Bronze
    Obtain the magic treasure
  • Partners – Bronze
    Form a relationship
  • Soul of Rebellion – Bronze
    Obtain Arsene
  • Mask Collector – Silver
    Register 100% of Personas in the compendium
  • Honour Student of the Mask – Bronze
    Take first place in a test
  • True Collaborator – Bronze
    Max a co-operation
  • Large Thief Team Formed – Gold
    Max all co-operations
  • Power Lead – Bronze
    Connect three baton passes in one round
  • I art thou – Bronze
    Obtain a Persona through negotiation
  • One of Many Masks – Bronze
    Obtain 30 Personas through negotiation
  • Creeping Thing – Bronze
    Successfully carry out 50 surprise attacks
  • Unmatched Rebel – Silver
    Defeat the Reaper
  • Drinks Mania – Bronze
    Purchase all available drinks from vending machines
  • True Talent – Bronze
    Max out all parameters
  • The Twins’ Appointment – Bronze
    Carry out a multi demon fusion
  • On Top Of Many Sacrifices – Bronze
    Carry out a hanging
  • d1aSublime Experiment – Bronze
    Carry out an electric chair execution
  • Through Working – Bronze
    Master a Persona’s skills using solitary confinement
  • Shrewd Negotiator – Bronze
    Successfully rescue hostages from the enemy
  • Talented Gunman – Bronze
    Defeat three or more enemies with a single shooting
  • Fledgling Thief Team – Bronze
    Clear five missions
  • Perfect Job – Silver
    Clear all missions
  • My Garden – Bronze
    Open up every location
  • Lord’s Fishing Pond – Bronze
    Catch the god of the fishing pond
  • Aggressive Searcher – Bronze
    Obtain 150 items through searching the Palace
  • Back Room Deal – Bronze
    Purchase a custom made gun
  • Craft Worker – Bronze
    Craft an infiltration tool
  • Bookworm – Bronze
    Read every book
  • Golden Finger – Bronze
    Clear every video game
  • Town Slugger – Bronze
    Hit a home run at the batting centre

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