No Man’s Sky Update 1.09 Now Live For PS4, Removes Item Stacking Exploit And More

There has not been any communication from Hello Games’ end even though players have been complaining about the bugs and exploits in No Man’s Sky. Now the developer has released No Man’s Sky update 1.09 for PlayStation 4 which fixes bugs and exploits.

No Man’s Sky update 1.09 appears to be launched for PlayStation 4 right now, however, the experimental patch Steam page has also been updated by the developers. The experimental patch weighs only 100 Mb and those who have downloaded it are reporting increase in FPS performance, and the item stacking exploit has been removed.

No Man’s Sky update 1.09 on PS4 is much larger in size. The update is 733 MB in size. The only patch notes for the update are “more bug fixes”. The update also removes the item stacking exploit from the PlayStation 4 version of the game too.

No Man’s Sky has been the one of the biggest game launches of 2016, despite of it being not well received by critics and gamers. Part of the reason for that Hello Games did not included some features to the game that were heavily marketed, like the multiplayer.

There are many reasons that No Man’s Sky was not liked by many gamers, but the Steam player base for the game has dropped 98 percent since its launch.

The statistics come from the SteamCharts and SteamSpy websites, which show the active number of players for No Man’s Sky since launch. Shortly after the game’s launch it had 212,321 users playing concurrently, but these numbers fell quickly during initial weekend and by Monday the numbers were almost 60,000, the reviews for this game are enough to explain why.

Have you downloaded the No Man’s Sky update 1.09 on PS4? Are you experiencing any changes? Let us know in the comments.