No HDR for Gears of War 4 PC, Xbox One S Version Supports It Out of the Box

The Coalition has revealed some interesting piece of information about Gears of War 4 PC. Gears of War 4 PC won’t have HDR support. Meanwhile, Xbox One S version of the game supports this feature out of the box.

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According to The Coalition, GPUs are just starting to incorporate HDR technology. Also, there aren’t many 4K plus HDR supported monitors available on PC. In fact, I did a personal search for an HDR monitor and it didn’t really showed anything.

Gears 4 has HDR on Xbox One S. It does not support it on PC. PC just started incorporating HDR support on cards recently and many monitors don’t have the functionality.

The PC version does support full 4K, Ultrawide, etc.

Future monitors will definitely support this feature that would allow players to experience better colors and lighting for a more realistic image quality.

If Gears of War 4 PC does not support HDR at release it doesn’t mean it can not be added later on. It is safe to say that majority of Xbox and PlayStation games will support HDR in the future.

On a related note, Gears of 4 has bikes and during certain situations we will be able to ride. Gears 4 is a linear game so do not expect to free roam on your bike.

Some gameplay screens were posted online that show JD Fenix and Marcus Fenix riding together through the fire. The bike is the same one we saw in the collector’s edition of the game.

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Source: GAF