Report: Bioware Using New Locomotion System Mass Effect Andromeda

Earlier this month Bioware finally revealed the first gameplay footage for Mass Effect Andromeda. However, the new footage did not gave much about the game and was met with lukewarm reception mostly due to the game’s animations.

Now a new report has surfaced on the internet that suggests that Bioware is using new locomotion system for their upcoming game, which improves the character animations significantly. The report comes from industry insider shinobi602, who is well knows for revealing game details that are yet to be revealed. According to shinobi602:

It’s ironic that many are mocking the animations in the game when it’s all entirely from the ground up. All new animations.

He further added that Bioware is using a brand new locomotion system for Mass Effect Andromeda, for natural gestures and animations.

They’re using a brand new locomotion system in the game similar to the things Ubisoft is trying to push with For Honor. It’s the body locomotion with locked feet and natural gesturing system. You can see it in the way Ryder walks and transitions into different speeds and turns. Animations look much better than any previous BioWare game.

Not only this, he also revealed the brand new image for Mass Effect Andromeda. Check it out below.

Mass Effect Andromeda

We already know that Ryder is the main protagonist of the Mass Effect Andromeda, but will it be male or female will depend upon player’s choice. Recently, creative director Mac Walters confirmed that both Ryders exist in the game’story and they are siblings.

He did not provide any further details regarding whether or not these characters will run into each other at some point in the story or they are just exist out there some where. We will know for sure when Bioware releases the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda is expected to launch in early 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.