Infinite Warfare Devs Looked at Elon Musk for a Faithful Image of the Future

Infinite Warfare in development at Infinity Ward, the studio is back with a new installment following their 2013 release of Ghosts. This is the very first game from the studio is set in the distant future.

Developers have worked hard to make sure each element of the game fits and paints a faithful image of the future. The team looked at futurologists and figures like Elon Musk for inspiration.

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Speaking at Call of Duty XP, Jack O’Hara stated:

We didn’t want to go full energy because we feel like realistic is still going to be the primary mainstay, and even on the energy side it was important for us to not go into a kind of ‘pew-pew’, you know, that direction. It’s about the feedback on the gun, the muzzle flash, the sound of it, the little details.

The E-RAD for example is an SMG that pops open and then you pull out the battery pack and ram one back in. A lot of the requirements around guns and everything that we’ve researched doesn’t predict infinite energy guns or anything like that, so we still wanted to have everything there and then there’s some variations where attachments that are energy-based are slightly different, so for example instead of fast hands you might have an attachment on the energy guns that recharges slowly your magazine, and that’s where we want to differentiate them, make them still feel like Call of Duty weapons

Futuristic settings are not the most loved ones but Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is starting to grow on us, especially, the single player part. The multiplayer on the other hand remains the same as before, a love child of Destiny and Black Ops 3.

One wonders how COD settings and its futuristic weapons will change in the coming years. Will we ever go in full Star Wars mode? Pew-Pew?

Source: Gamereactor