Gears Of War 4 Gameplay Launch Trailer Is Full Of Action And Emotions

Gears Of War 4 is less than a month away from its launch, and Microsoft is gearing up to keep the hype up for the game. This time Microsoft has released the Gears Of War 4 Gameplay Launch trailer, which sets up plot for the game.

Gears Of War 4 Gameplay Launch trailer is narrated by Marcus, and 25 years has been passed since the events of Gears Of War 3. The trailer is filled with emotions and action, and the most interesting scene in the trailer is when Marcus gets hit by a something and a monster is choking him, so there is a possibility that Marcus Fenix might die during the game.

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Recently, The Coalition revealed that PC version of Gears Of War 4 will not support HDR, but the Xbox One S version will.

According to The Coalition, GPUs are just starting to incorporate HDR technology. Also, there aren’t many 4K plus HDR supported monitors available on PC.

Gears 4 has HDR on Xbox One S. It does not support it on PC. PC just started incorporating HDR support on cards recently and many monitors don’t have the functionality.

The PC version does support full 4K, Ultrawide, etc.

Also recently, Microsoft’s Head of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg announced Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Xbox One S bundle will launch on Oct. 06, 2016 and will include:

  • Limited Edition 2TB Console
  • Limited Edition Crimson Omen Controller
  • Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition
  • Exclusive In-Game Items
  • Six Gear Packs
  • Season Pass

While the game is releasing for PC, but the core of the game will be optimized for a controller. Recently, Gears of War 4’s lead multiplayer designer, Ryan Cleven, told that the core gameplay mechanics of Gears Of War 4 are centered around a controller.

Gears Of War 4 is scheduled to launch on October 11, 2016 exclusively for PC and Xbox One.