An Online Only MySims 3DS Game Was in Development, Got Cancelled

The Sims is Electronic Arts’ one of the most popular and successful franchises, so it does not come as a surprise that the publisher tried to expand this franchise in a different direction. While EA has published many games under the title of SIMS, not all games that were developed made their way to the store shelves, as a cancelled MySims 3DS game has emerged on the internet.

Back in 2007, Electronic Arts released a kids friendly Sims game called MySims for Wii and Nintendo DS. The game was a success for the company so EA released several other games including MySims Kingdom, MySims Agents, and MySims Racing.

However, further down the line Electronic Arts decided that they wanted to take the series in a different direction and MySims was not a part of the new direction, and ended up cancelling MySims 3DS game back in 2010.

The cancelled MySims 3DS game was called MySims Friends, and the game featured many Nintendo connectivity options and StreetPass, to make the game online-only game. The game featured customizable environments using different themes and styles such as goth, sporty, futuristic, cute, tasty, nature, and fancy also the players would have been able to create the environments too.

Also checkout the screenshots for the cancelled MySims 3DS game below.

Recently, developer Maxis removed the gender restriction in Sims 4’s Create-A-Sim mode, allowing players to make their sims and use whatever voice, walk cycle, and physique that they want. Previously, certain restrictions were in place that restricted players to chose their Sim to be male or female but anymore.

According to he developers the reason behind the decision was that Sims is a diverse game made for a diverse audience, and that the change was to allow people to creatively express themselves as much as they want.

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Source: Mysims.wikia