Video Game Characters Who Deserve to be Roasted More Than Anyone Else

We pick our top 12 video game characters who deserve to be roasted like Justin Bieber. And yes, all our hate is justified!

There are video game characters that we all love or hate and then there are some who eventually grow on us even if we did not find them likeable at first sight.

I mean, look at Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series. The professional monster-slayer is so popular in Poland that he recently got featured on the country’s postage stamps and envelopes.

Top 12 Video Game Characters Who Deserve to be Roasted

Then there are characters whose fate is to get roasted by the Internet. These characters are so bad that they can be counted in the same league as Justin Bieber – yes, the sole purpose of their creation is to be generate memes and to make us question their existence.

In this week’s video, our very own James Kuckaan lists down top 12 of these video game characters. The list, obviously, is subjective to some extent, but we are sure you must have hated these characters at one point or another. Check out the list in the video attached above.

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