Ubisoft Is Giving Away Watch Dogs 2 For Free To The Best Hackers

Watch Dogs 2 is all about hacking so it makes sense for Ubisoft to partner with Major League Hacking. Major League Hacking is an organization that promotes a series of hackathon competitions, and combining these two is totally logical and that is what Ubisoft is doing.

At each MLH-sponsored hackathon this season, Ubisoft will be giving away Watch Dogs 2 to the team of programmers who will create the best project in the competition.

According to MHL, the participants will be challenged to design a project that will demonstrate how much easy it is to destroy people’s privacy.

In the spirit of Watch Dogs 2, students at MLH events will be challenged to design a project to demonstrate just how easy data privacy can be compromised on real-life smart devices. The team that builds the most compelling project at each event will win a brand new copy of Watch Dogs 2 for every team member.

Also, there will be a Watch Dogs 2 inspired capture the flag challenge, that will require students to find vulnerabilities in a simulated environment.

We have also created a Watch Dogs 2 inspired Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge for students to play at https://mlh.io/watchdogs. Capture the Flag challenges allow you to find security vulnerabilities in a simulated environment so that you can better understand how to secure and protect your own applications.

Recently, game director Jonathan Morin held a Q&A session on Twitter, where he discussed about the game and revealed some new details. According to Jonathan, the new Watch Dogs 2 thematic narrative approach has allowed the developers to not only explore various themes centered around people’s relationship with technology, but it has also allowed them to offer a unique gameplay experience which could be tied to a certain mission, and this also applies for the side missions in the game.

Watch Dogs 2 is set to launch November 15, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.